Your Favourite Teacher

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English Language, English Literature and Maths. Review and reinforce understanding for GCSE level. Great for revision!. 

Watch teachers deliver hours of learning with the YFT online platform for KS4 students. YFT covers the GCSE subjects of Maths, English Language and English Literature, appropriate for various abilities and exam boards.

Take control of your learning. Watch and work at your own pace tracking your achievements as you go. All of YFT content is made by teachers so they know exactly what you need to be able to progress.

  • 400+ online videos
  • 670+ revision topics
  • 240+ online quizzes

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Your Favourite Teacher, a complete solution for Home Educators

Your Favourite Teacher combines knowledge and assessment to create the perfect learning companion.

  • Perfect to support with revision
  • The easiest way to reinforce learning