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English, Maths and Science

GCSE and Functional Skills courses

Exclusive AWE offer!
A brilliant resource made by a lovely ex-teacher called Miss Meeks and her team.

The video lessons are very modern and will appeal to teens. People often ask me to recommend English resources and I am really pleased to be able to say I have found one who has also agreed to an amazing discount for Home Educators. Your Favourite Teacher has around 230 AQA/Eduqas English lessons which can also be used for other exam boards too as they cover all the basic skills for GCSE English. This includes 140 English Literature lessons and 90 Science lessons which are really enjoyable with questions to follow that give feedback. After students watch the lessons they then go on to do worksheets and quizzes with lots of incentives and rewards. There are practice exam questions, worked solutions and exemplar essays which will be a great help.

For those who are looking for Functional Skills English and Maths there are complete courses for Level 1 and Level 2 which are also included.

Your Favourite Teacher are adding more content all the time so you will also get access to some History, Geography and more as it is added.


The agreement is that the huge discount is only accessible for Home Educators with children not registered at any school.

Your Favourite Teacher
Public Price
£ 149.99
AWE Price
£ 75.00
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Subscriptions are for 1 year and are NOT set to auto-renew.

Your Favourite Teacher run a Facebook Group for parents with GCSE aged children wanting support in helping their child through their GCSEs, including free resources and advice from the Your Favourite Teacher team as well as other parents. Open to everyone, no purchase necessary.


Your Favourite Teacher has won the “Best educational resource for parents or home learning” category at BETT 2022!

  • Engaging, bitesize content that is easy to understand, made by qualified UK teachers, and fully aligned to the GCSE (and Functional Skills) curriculums/syllabi.
  • Detailed progress tracking and reporting which encourages independent learning but still allows parents to keep an eye on progress.
  • Regular competitions, with real prizes up for grabs, and gamification features, such as coins, badges, streaks, and ranks/levels, which motivate learners and make learning fun.

The judges were extremely impressed by the engaging and relevant website content for students studying their GCSEs. The online reporting tools encourage independent learning, whilst allowing progress to be monitored. Furthermore, the competitions, annual events and gamification rewarded with coins, badges and certificates motivates the students to learn. 

Your Favourite Teacher Award

Comments from Home Educators who purchased Your Favourite Teacher

We’ve been home educating for over ten years now. Just started using Your Favourite Teacher with my 13yo because she wanted more structure working towards GCSEs – thoroughly recommend it. Previously tried lots of different curriculum etc with my son who is now at college and wish we had found this earlier! We use the alongside ConquerMaths.

L – AWE Facebook

I would definitely recommend YFT to friends and family, it is really easy to use and has so much to offer. The lessons are nice and short which is ideal for my children. Your customer service has been second to none and your videos that you sent were a great help in getting started and understanding how to use the lessons.

Kirsty – AWE Parent, Essex

My daughter has been using Favourite Teacher for a couple of months now and is thoroughly enjoying it. She has found this by far the better of all the programs we have tried. She hates watching video led programs but watches these without a problem which is fab.

Donna – AWE Parent

I home educate my 2 children we are so grateful for the AWE discounts our most recent being My Favourite Teacher. My daughter is currently studying for her GCSE’s and says “I find it easy to navigate and it covers many subjects in detail”.

Caroline – AWE Parent

I cannot recommend Your Favourite Teacher enough, my son (aged 14) has enjoyed every single lesson he has tried. As a parent who was new to Home Schooling it has made the transition so much easier for us. The layout of the website is brilliant, and so easy for my son to navigate. He particularly enjoys getting the badges and certificates after completing the tasks.

Danielle – AWE Parent

I would highly recommend My Favourite Teacher to friends and family. My boys enjoy the fact the videos are short, and the subjects are broken down into manageable sections. They also like that they can read the info too and enjoy completing the worksheets and quizzes. We find the site very easy to navigate. The subjects are easy to find and there is plenty to work on.

Chantal – AWE Parent

My son really likes your program. He finds it more in depth and less stressful than the others he’s had before, and he said he likes yours best. Thank you for all your help and encouragement. It’s been very easy to contact yourself and I felt at ease doing so. You’re very encouraging to correspond with. I would recommend you, your team, and your product.

Keith – Parent, Part 1/2

My son has learning issues being autistic with ADHD too. Autistic children, well in our experience, respond well to incentives so what you’re doing with regards your rewards has been fantastic. To get him to apply himself, especially during school holidays no less, has been brilliant.

Keith – Parent, Part 2/2

What courses do Your Favourite Teacher offer?

English Covers generic English skills required for all exam boards, plus AQA and Eduqas specific content

  • GCSE English Language
  • GCSE English Literature
  • Level 1 and 2 English Functional Skills

Maths Covers Maths skills and content required for all exam boards

  • GCSE Mathematics (Foundation tier only)
  • Level 1 and 2 Mathematics Functional Skills

Science Covers Science skills and content required for all exam boards

  • GCSE Combined Sciences
  • GCSE Triple/Separate Sciences

They also offer introductory courses in GCSE History, GCSE Geography, Sports Performance and Wellbeing.

What ages/year groups is Your Favourite Teacher suitable for?

Your Favourite Teacher’s courses are designed for GCSE and Functional Skills students aged 14-16. However, their courses may also prove useful for KS3 students aged 11-15.

Unsure if Your Favourite Teacher is for you?

Book a 20 min online parent demo to talk directly with a member of the YFT team get your questions answered.

Your Favourite Teacher Sample Lesson

A video message from Kate, how
Your Favourite Teacher
can be used by Home Educators


The agreement is that the huge discount is only accessible for Home Educators with children not registered at any school.

Your Favourite Teacher
Public Price
£ 149.99
AWE Price
£ 75.00
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Subscriptions are for 1 year and are NOT set to auto-renew.