Your Favourite Teacher absolutely brilliant discount!
Your Favourite Teacher Discount

GCSE courses and Functional Skills courses for

English, Maths and Science

I am really excited to say I have found a brilliant resource for English GCSE, it’s all made by a lovely ex-teacher called Miss Meeks and her team of teachers.

A message to Home Educators from Kate:

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Your Favourite Teacher - Summer Olympics

Online summer school Olympics starts 26th July:

To help students get ready for the year ahead, YFT are running a 2-week summer school with a fun twist. Themed around the 2021 Olympics, it’s an exciting and engaging way to learn.

The activity schedule includes the GCSE core subject areas – Maths, English and Science – with the addition of extracurricular activities related to countries participating in the Olympics.

A lesson will be released each day, meaning that by the end of the 2 weeks, you’ll have completed a wide range of lessons to enhance your learning.

The Online summer school Olympics Include:

  • A comprehensive summer workbook
  • Daily lessons on the core GCSE subject areas
  • 5 Olympic themed webinars with our teachers
  • Reports with quiz scores and lesson completions
  • Access to the whole Your Favourite Teacher platform (over 500 English, Maths and Science lessons)
  • Rewards and prizes to be won

The video lessons are very modern and will appeal to teens. People often ask me to recommend English products and I am really pleased to be able to say I have found one who has also agreed to an amazing discount for Home Educators. Your Favourite Teacher has around 220 AQA/Eduqas English lessons which can also be used for other exam boards too as they cover all the basic skills for GCSE English. This includes 140 English Literature lessons which are really enjoyable with questions to follow that give feedback. After students watch the lessons they then go on to do worksheets and quizzes with lots of incentives and rewards. There are practice exam questions, worked solutions and exemplar essays which will be a great help.

Your Favourite Teacher Videos

The exclusive bundle I have agreed with Your Favourite Teacher includes all the English GCSE resources plus around 120 Maths GCSE lessons and approximately 70 Science GCSE lessons. For those who are looking for Functional Skills English and Maths there are complete courses for Level 1 and Level 2 which are also included.

Your Favourite Teacher are adding more content all the time so you will also get access to some History, Geography and more as it is added.

The agreement is that the huge discount is only accessible for Home Educators with children not registered at any school. If that applies to you and you would like access to the discount code and passwords you will need to join the Facebook group Home Educators Secret Discount Codes that I have set up especially to cater for resource providers who want to help Home Educators with very special discounts, but can not allow the information to be released to the general public. To join go to

Quote from an AWE purchaser of YFT:

“I signed up for this and the kids are loving it! They like the fact they get to do worksheets and quizzes as well as the videos and info being really well presented. Thanks for the fab discount!”

What is Your Favourite Teacher…..?

You can watch some sample lessons on the Your Favourite Teacher YouTube channel.