Wise Bear Stories – 50% discount!


Wise Bear Stories (Personal development for children). AWE discounts have been offered a discount for a box set of six lovely books written by Scott Cranfield, this offer won’t be around for very long. Full price £29.95 plus postage discounted to £14.95 through AWE discounts.

Each book covers a different challenge or experience that children may find difficult to cope with. Wise Bear puts things into perspective while offering timeless lessons and vital life skills which help the child navigate their life journey. Wise Bear will help parents and children to work together to apply the lessons to their own lives. The affirmations and exercises help children to dissolve the anxieties and negative effects they hold in their minds.

To get the discount:

  1. Click HERE to go to the Wise Bear website (opens in new tab)
  2. Add the Coupon code AWE50 at the checkout

Titles include:

  • Bullying: A new perspective
  • Friendships: Coping with the ups and downs
  • How to love the things you don’t
  • Fair Exchange: Everyone wins
  • Discovering your own uniqueness
  • Criticism: The truth everyone must learn

*NEW* 25% off of The Wise Bear Family Masterclass

Scott has recently created a comprehensive and fun course for both parents/teachers and children based on the principles from The Wise Bear Stories.  In the course you get access to all 6 eBooks, worksheets & 50 support videos (25 for children / 25 for parents/teachers), each book has 4 support videos. The children’s videos help them to learn the principles and then more importantly integrate them into their life.  The parent videos focus on why these principles are important, why they work, the science behind them, and how to use them to help their child (and themselves).

The program is called The Wise Bear Family Masterclass and his focus has been to give a family everything they need to help them raise confident and emotionally balanced children as well as creating a family dynamic where each member is appreciated and can thrive.  Included in the program:

  • 2 other eBooks ‘Unlock Your Child’s Potential’ & ‘7 Habits For A Magical Family life’ 
  • The Family Values Factor – a short video course with eManual explaining the most important study of human behaviour and how it relates to family life
  • Home-schooling Tips for Success – a 45-minute webinar sharing ideas to help parents manage home-schooling – includes several downloads

To get the discount:

  1. Click HERE to go to the Wise Bear Masterclass Website (opens in a new window)
  2. Add the coupon AWE25 at the checkout (also works for The Values Factor and Homeshcooling Tips for Success)


From Sam:
In 2017 for many reasons, the subject of home schooling for my eldest daughter came up and started to get discussed. I have to confess I didn’t even know home schooling was a thing, and on top of that my wife and I are not academics so how was that going to work?
Anyway, fast forward 2 ½ years and my daughter who was behind on the curriculum ended up taking a few GCSE’s one year early and passing.
My wife and I both work quite a lot form home so having our daughter join us created a whole new dynamic and with that lots of challenges. The beginning was not easy, tension was high!!
If you are now faced with the likelihood of working from home along with your child or children, I might be able to share some ideas form our experience about what worked and what didn’t. even if you are not home schooling, I am sure some of the ideas discussed will still prove useful.