Wise Bear Stories – 50% discount!


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Wise Bear Stories (Personal development for children). AWEdiscounts have been offered a discount for a box set of six lovely books written by Scott Cranfield, this offer won’t be around for very long. Full price £29.95 plus postage discounted to £14.95 through AWEdiscounts.

Each book covers a different challenge or experience that children may find difficult to cope with. Wise Bear puts things into perspective while offering timeless lessons and vital life skills which help the child navigate their life journey. Wise Bear will help parents and children to work together to apply the lessons to their own lives. The affirmations and exercises help children to dissolve the anxieties and negative effects they hold in their minds.  

Titles include:

  • Bullying: A new perspective
  • Friendships: Coping with the ups and downs
  • How to love the things you don’t
  • Fair Exchange: Everyone wins
  • Discovering your own uniqueness
  • Criticism: The truth everyone must learn

To get the discount:

  1. Click HERE to go to the Wise Bear website (opens in new tab)
  2. Add the Coupon code AWECLUB at the checkout.