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Twin create great little kits, educational and fun! What more could you want? Twin believe that doing once is better than reading a thousand times; an experiment will tell a thousand words. Twin want children to grow up with self-confidence by experimenting, learning for themselves with their fun science kits.

Coding Kit 40% Discount ending soon!

Public price £99, AWE price £59.40

Age Group: 8 – 13
Computer programming for kids made easy. The kit includes all the essentials for children to grasp the fundamentals of coding and develop programming skills. Children can start to code and create infinite number of projects easily.

To order the Coding Kit with a 40% Discount

  1. Click HERE to go to the Twin Science website (opens in a new window)
  2. Enter the discount code AWETWIN40

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What is Twing?

Twing is a free mobile application designed for children that exposes them to scientific content using games and fun experiments. Children play and learn educational games with each other and get inspired by their friends’ projects and experiments. It also offers children a digital classroom and community where they can share their projects and learn together.

To get the FREE Twing App

Click HERE to go to the Twin Science website (opens in a new window)