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Wondrous things are here.

Everyone wonders about something. It’s what makes us human, keeps us driven, and fuels our passions. With thousands of educational and engaging streaming videos, you’re sure to learn what you love – and love learning about it.

Stream video lectures, documentaries, and more on Wondrium.

Wondrium formally The Great Courses Plus

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Wondrium is the result of the people behind The Great Courses Plus stepping away from the podium to create even better, broader, bigger, and more mind-blowing educational experiences—and giving you even more reasons to love learning.

PC Magazine
“All-you-can-stream access to (an) excellent library of college-level lectures.”

USA Today
“Tired of binge-watching? Try some binge learning.”

Wall Street Journal
“A serious force in Education”

Wondrium includes…….

The Great Courses Plus
Magellan TV
Kino Lorber

Questions you might ask (FAQ)

So, what is this Wondrium? Where is the Great Courses Plus?

Wondrium is the result of the folks behind The Great Courses stepping away from the podium to create even better, broader, bigger, and more mind-blowing educational experiences—and giving you even more reasons to love learning.

I am intrigued by your offer of a “Free Trial.” Tell me more.

We really want you to love us, so we’re giving you a chance to take a test drive, kick the tires, sample the goods, all for free. Your free trial gives you access to the entire Wondrium catalog of videos on all your favorite devices—Roku, FireTV, Android phones, and Apple phones and tablets. Well, almost all your favorite devices. You won’t be able to find us on your Etch A Sketch®.

After your free trial ends, your credit card will be billed based on the membership plan that you have selected. Decided you already know everything that is worth knowing and there’s nothing in the world you wonder about? Well then, cancelling is easy. Just visit the My Account page where you can cancel in a few simple steps. If you cancel during the free trial period, you will retain access until your free trial period ends and you won’t ever be billed.

I’m considering hitting that Start Free Trial button but what does my membership bring me?

To paraphrase our friendly neighborhood superhero: “with great memberships, come great benefits.” Joining the Wondrium world gives you access to thousands of entertaining, engaging, and educational videos across hundreds of topics, with new content added every month. But you have probably already figured that out or you wouldn’t be here. So, if that’s not enough, here is a quick peek at a few of the other benefits that come along with being a Wondrium member..


  • Free Digital Guidebooks – Whether you want to check the spelling of a complicated term, access the ingredients list, consider questions beyond the curriculum, test your knowledge, master vocabulary terms, or try some suggested reading recommendations, our guidebooks are a great resource above and beyond the video lessons. Available for many of our courses—simple download at no additional cost.
  • Wondrium Magazine – This quarterly magazine provides the inside scoop on new content, interviews with the experts, behind-the-scenes stories, exclusive features, sneak peeks, and so much more. And when we say magazine we mean magazine – it’s a real thing you can touch that will show up in your mailbox, not an online “magazine”. It rounds out your total Wondrium experience.
  • Audio Streaming – Take your learning on the go! Wondrium offers seamless audio streaming in our mobile apps so you don’t have to stop learning, even if you can’t watch your favorite videos. Explore English while exercising, consider Confucius while commuting, or build business skills in the bath.
  • Discounts Galore – Save money and get free shipping on products from The Great Courses
Alright, what’s this going to cost me?

You’ve got options! We offer a monthly plan, a quarterly plan, or an annual plan. Every plan offers a free trial, unlimited streaming, the benefits listed above (and more), and it’s easy to cancel at any time if you really, really want to.