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The Steam School platform combines STEAM powered project based learning with weekly broadcasts from global STEAM experts.

£5.55 monthly subscription (normally £7) 20% DISCOUNT


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  1. Go to STEAM SCHOOL by clicking HERE and click on ‘Sign up now’ (opens in new window)
  2. Put in the coupon code AWE500

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What is it?

Steam School is a virtual club for future inventors, tech entrepreneurs & digital creatives  aged 9-14 years old. 

In January 2020, Steam School launches it’s next mission – MIXED Reality.  Guests include Instagram Spark, Pokemon Go, Epic Games (makers of Fortnite) and Ultraleap.  Join this mission to explore some of the most exciting developments in augmented and virtual reality and how they can be used to enhance sports and entertainment experiences.

Steam School hosts 6 missions every year exploring #STEAM4GOOD projects and futuristic technology. Students can journey through each mission completing challenges as scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, digital makers and artists.

Subscription Includes:

• Weekly Live Broadcasts
• 5 Student Accounts per Subscription
• STEAM Powered Challenges
• Family Facebook Group

Key features include: 

Steam School hosts 6 missions every academic year exploring some of the world’s most pressing issues, showcasing #STEAM4good projects, futuristic technology and young inspirational role models. Each mission takes place over a 5 /6 week period. 

During each mission, we host a weekly live broadcast with a global STEAM expert sharing a behind the scenes look at their projects, challenges, successes and career journeys. Students can watch LIVE or on demand. 

The Steam School platform equips learners with a personal login, enabling them to access the programme independently and capture their learning.

Students can journey through each mission by completing STEAM powered challenges as scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, artists, digital makers and campaigners.

Teachers have access to a dashboard to monitor student engagement and celebrate student achievement.