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SchoolOnline‘s Bitesize videos from leading examiners and educators in the core subjects of English & Maths, to support you and your child in your education at home.

Whether you’re looking for a full service learning platform to set your children regular assignments and track their progress, or refresh your own knowledge on these core subjects at KS2 and KS4 supported by videos from the nation’s top examiners, SchoolOnline is here to help your children boost their knowledge in English & Maths with our Award Winning Platform.

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Maths IGCSE extra syllabus content is included in the subscription. 

English IGCSE is not specifically covered but the GCSE content included in the subscription for reading and writing skills, is suitable for both.

To learn about the syllabus difference between GCSE and IGCSE you can read THIS LINK 

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  • Set your children examiner-led revision sessions with our bite-size tutorial videos
  • Completely flexible platform gives YOU control
  • Proven pedagogical approaches to Maths calculations and problem-solving
  • Reading and writing skills to cover the skills your children need to master English
  • SATS Help - 82 new videos supporting every single question from the 2022 KS2 SATs Maths papers
  • The only platform where examiners cover the entire GCSE Maths and English curriculum
  • Ideal for children in Years 5, 6 and beyond
KS2 School Online

Ideal for children in Years 5, 6 and beyond. Step-by-step video tutorials that are fun, easy to follow and will help you get the top marks.

GCSE School Online

The only platform where examiners cover the entire GCSE Maths and English curriculum. Hundreds of step-by-step tutorials to help you score full marks.

The only platform where examiners cover the entire GCSE Maths and English curriculum. Hundreds of step-by-step tutorials to help you score full marks.

GCSE School Online

KS2 Maths and English Sample Videos

SchoolOnline covers the National Curriculum and SATs tests with examiner advice, worked examples and video explanations that are very easy to follow. There are lots of extensions work and practice questions as well. SchoolOnline has set courses or you can make your own depending on your child’s needs. I like the teachers in the videos, they are calm and clear and explain exactly what you need to know.

KS2 English Writing:
Planning to write a non-fiction text

KS2 Maths SATs 2019 Paper 3:
Reasoning: Days in a Month

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GCSE Maths and English Sample Videos

SchoolOnline provide concise online video lessons to prepare students for GCSE Maths and English. The content is relevant for all exams boards and includes practice exam paper questions with clear videos to help if you get stuck! It covers Foundation and Higher level plus Functional Skills. There are complete courses for Maths to cover suggested content.

GCSE English Writing:

GCSE Maths Foundation Assessment Paper 1:

SchoolOnline provides top quality online exam revision to help every child achieve their full exam potential across SATs and GCSE. We have an ever-growing library of past paper revision material (including questions, answers, and explanatory videos) created by the same people who set and mark these exams.

Their exclusive material is entirely focused on Maths past papers and English Assessment Objectives, including the skills and techniques required to achieve maximum success. Their current and ex-examiners are uniquely qualified to create this highly valuable material. Clear and easy to follow solutions show you how to achieve that perfect 100% score, with top tips and the common errors to avoid. Our personalised learning plans allow you to identify and focus all of your revision time on those topics that challenge you the most.

At SchoolOnline, their mission is to become the go-to resource for all children, parents, and teachers to prepare for these key exams and support all children in achieving their full grade potential with qualified, expert tuition.