Purple Mash

Purple Mash covers all the subjects in the primary National Curriculum.

Whether it’s inspiring your writers, extending your coders or boosting the creativity in your children, Purple Mash has everything you need to deliver a unique Edtech experience which is simple to use and loved by all.

Code amazing programs with our simple algorithms and block-based programming. Engage your child through themed writing projects with supportive sentence starters and exciting images. Bring the whole curriculum to life with creative programs that support maths, science, art, history and more.

The usual cost for Home Educators is £30 per year but by purchasing through AWEdiscounts you get 50% off at £15 per child for a year.

The offer includes access to all Purple Mash primary content plus Mini Mash for nursery age children.

Please note : Orders are processed weekly on Thursdays at 9am so please place your order before this. You will receive your login details on the Friday.

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