My GCSE Science – Triple Award Course Discount


My GCSE Science – Triple Award Course

For separate sciences in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
Triple award gives you access to all the Double award content too.
Normal price £49.90, discount price £33.90
The subscription starts 1st July 2023 and ends on the 30th June 2024, as it covers one year of exam level study.

  • Separate Sciences – Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • 200 specialist learning videos
  • 200 exam-style questions
  • 200 detailed answer schemes
  • 1,000 multiple-choice questions
  • Embedded tutorials on Maths Skills
  • Tutorials on Required Practicals (AQA), Core Practicals (Edexcel), Practical Activity Groups (OCR)
  • Integrated Progress Checker
  • Foundation and Higher Tier topics
  • For Triple Science students to be awarded three Science GCSEs

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My GCSE Science - Triple Award Course Discount (best value)