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Numerise Offer

Numerise – Let’s smash maths together!

Numerise which is created by Sparx and HegartyMaths, is designed to help learners age 10 to 16 practice maths more easily so that they can confidently make progress through tricky topics, while parents and carers can log into to see exactly how their learner is progressing.

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How does Numerise support Home Education?

Numerise have spoken to lots of Home Educators and understand quite how much time it takes to provide high quality maths support at home, Numerise want to take some of that work off your hands.

First of all, Numerise is uniquely personalised for your child, so you don’t have to work out their strengths and weaknesses. Plus, there’s a help video available for every question if they get stuck. You also get a dashboard to help with reporting and reviewing their work.

Alongside the personalisation, Numerise uses learning techniques (including scaffolding, interleaving and spaced repetition) to find and fill gaps in your learner’s knowledge and make sure it sticks for the long term.

Year 6 courses cover the “Year 6 mathematics programme of study” from the National Curriculum in England. They include approximately:

75 topics

3,000 learning points

2,000 help videos

12,000 questions

Key Stage 3 courses cover the “Key Stage 3 mathematics programme of study” from the National Curriculum in England. They include approximately:

200 topics

8,000 learning points

5,000 help videos

31,000 questions

GCSE courses cover the “Key Stage 4 mathematics programme of study” from the National Curriculum in England. They are suitable for Edexcel, AQA and OCR exam boards and include approximately:

300 topics

11,000 learning points

8,000 help videos

42,000 questions

Feedback from AWE numerise users

  • Debbie I just wanted to say thank you. My daughter started this today and actually enjoyed maths!
  • We’re finding numerise really good. A video with each question that really explains what to do. And a test and a revision at the end of each unit.
  • Both my children are doing well with Numerise. I honestly cant believe how good it is. My son is Dyslexic and often struggles understanding videos on other subscriptions but this is brilliant because it has a video accompanying each and every question with everything broken down.

What is Numerise?

Numerise Discount

Numerise is a new resource for Maths that will be a great help to Home Educators. Students can quickly work through the sets of questions only stopping to watch the help videos if they get a question incorrect or they are unsure how to answer. Alternatively children can watch the video lesson first if it’s an area they have not learned previously. Numerise keeps records of what the student gets correct/incorrect so you can see very clearly what they need to work on. It’s really easy to use and to see which tests you have completed and what scores you achieved. 

Parents can see data showing how many lessons have been completed, the scores and how many minutes the student has worked for. Students can set goals to keep them motivated too. I like Numerise as it is comprehensive and easy to use and flexible for children to use. Parents get weekly progress emails and there are daily challenges for students.

Numerise breaks down each topic into easy-to-follow practice questions. And, there are over 9,000 videos to help learners if they get stuck. Even the toughest topics get explained simply and clearly and as Numerise is personalised, every learner is working at a level that’s right for them.

There are already more than 25,000 people signed up to Numerise, which has been designed and built by the best maths teachers behind Sparx Maths and HegartyMaths. Included are loads more free resources to help build your learner’s maths confidence – from downloadable affirmations to parent tips and tricks. It’s all there.

Please note – a small percentage of content is being developed and will be added soon. For full details contact Numerise.