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Message from Debbie

“This is brilliant for Home Educating families!” 
“Do you wonder about how your child’s brain works and how best to teach them? Do you to help them develop the areas they have weaknesses in? On many occasions over the years I have wanted to get an Educational Psychologists input into my children’s abilities but have never been able to due to the costs involved. When I saw this product I was excited as I could see how it would help with my own children and with other Home Educators children. You can use it for children of all abilities including those with special educational needs, behavioural problems or gifted and talented.”

“MyCognition HOME is an app where your child takes an initial assessment which then produces a detailed report which I have found to be really insightful and revealing. Your children are then directed to do some daily app-based games which are targeted specifically for your child, based on the results of their assessment. The games are easy and fun to use and the children love to play them on their phone or tablet. It keeps track of their progress and adapts as they learn, and you can re-do the assessments to see what progress they have made whenever you wish.”

MyCognition HOME

MyCognition HOME is an NHS and ORCHA approved cognitive fitness programme that has a proven and direct impact on young people’s academic performance, brain function and well being. In just 15 minutes per day, via their favourite device, your child can help boost their cognitive performance and academic potential. The full MyCognition HOME experience is easy to set-up and manage and you have full access to your child’s personalised data and progress.

A Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation report has MyCognition leading in cognitive fitness; one of the few companies taking an evidence-based approach to cognition. The report states that a good cognitive fitness is predictive of a child’s early academic readiness, their continued learning and academic achievement through adolescence, and their outcomes in adulthood, whereas a deficit in cognition is linked to ADHD, autism, dyslexia, conduct disorder (e.g., bullying), and poor mental health.

Cognition is important to adults, where it is linked to job success, health, quality of life and parenting. Subscribe to a MyCognition HOME account now and receive a FREE MyCognition PRO account once you have paid for your HOME subscription! Use this for yourself or another family member whilst your Child uses MyCognition HOME. Email with AWE in the subject and she will set up the new account.

It is critical that you regularly assess your child’s cognitive fitness and apply the training daily, as required, for 4 to 12 weeks. Email for your free version once you have paid for HOME.

Olivia’s story…
A guide for Home Educators…

The wonderful people at MyCognition have created a guide to explain everything you need to know about MyCognition HOME. You can download it HERE  (in pdf format, it will open in a new window)

What people say…

My concentration has improved and I am a lot more focused in my subjects like maths. My confidence has also improved. I put my hand up more. I do my homework a bit faster now.”

13 year old child presenting with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties

“The cognitive assessment was incredibly accurate and gave a fascinating insight into our daughter’s mind. It correctly highlighted the areas that she struggles with, such as attention, and identified them as cognitive domains that require improvement.”

Parent of a child aged 10 presenting with ADD

“At the end of the trial, in a class where 28% had previously been in a ‘worrying’ category we found that this proportion had dropped dramatically… We noticed gains when it came to motivation, memory and engagement in these students.”

Jake Thomas, Head Teacher, Woodside High School, London (UK)


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2. To start your 7 day free trial, simply download the app from the App or Google Play store and follow the instructions when you use the app for the first time

MyCognition HOME – How does it work?
  • MyCognition HOME helps to supercharge your child’s cognition by monitoring and strengthening their brain health using the clinically validated MyCQ assessment and AquaSnap training game
  • It adapts to train your child as they make progress, enhancing their strengths, improving their learning and behaviour
  • Created by a world leading team in Neuropsychiatric & Cognitive Research, Neuroplasticity and Applied Gaming
MyCognition HOME Benefits
  • CHILDREN of any age (7+), performance ability and health condition(s)
  • FAMILIES looking for a solution to improve their children’s wellbeing and attainments
  • EDUCATORS/PARENTS looking for an effective solution to enhance teaching, coaching and learning outcomes
MyCognition HOME Cost

Subscription pricing is as follows for up to 2 users:

  • £8.49 per month or
  • £79.99 for 1 year