My GCSE Science Discount

My GCSE Science 32% discount

Expert GCSE video tutorials… at a great discount

The new 9-1 Science GCSE is challenging. For your child, watching video tutorials on complex concepts and revising topics in their own time and at their own pace can make a huge difference to their understanding and enjoyment of the subject.

My GCSE Science – 32% Discount

My GCSE Science aligns with the school year, so normally starts in September. However, if you purchase now your subscription will start on the 1st July giving you two months extra for FREE.

This offer closes at 23:59 on Tuesday 25th June 2024.

Premium video tutorials, exam-style questions and revision resources for Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

AWE Price
Public Price
Double Award
Triple Award (best value)

The subscription starts on the 1st July 2024 and ends on the 30th June 2025 (two months extra for free). It covers one year of exam level study.

NOTE: To get the discount, you must order through the AWE discount page. DO NOT CONTACT My GCSE Science DIRECT This offer is only available through AWE discounts as BULK ORDERS which is why I only process in batches. If you contact My GCSE Science direct you will JEOPARDISE THE OFFER FOR OTHER HOME EDUCATORS and will NOT get the discount anyway.

Two My GCSE Science options, your choice:

My GCSE Science Double Award Course £18.95

For Combined sciences

  • Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • 140 specialist learning videos
  • 140 exam-style questions
  • 140 detailed answer schemes
  • 700 multiple-choice questions
  • Embedded tutorials on Maths Skills
  • Tutorials on Required Practicals (AQA), Core Practicals (Edexcel), Practical Activity Groups (OCR)
  • Integrated Progress Checker
  • Foundation and Higher Tier topics
  • For Year 10 & 11 students to be awarded two Science GCSEs

My GCSE Science Triple Award Course £33.90 (best value)

For Separate Sciences

  • Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • 200 specialist learning videos
  • 200 exam-style questions
  • 200 detailed answer schemes
  • 1,000 multiple-choice questions
  • Embedded tutorials on Maths Skills
  • Tutorials on Required Practicals (AQA), Core Practicals (Edexcel), Practical Activity Groups (OCR)
  • Integrated Progress Checker
  • Foundation and Higher Tier topics
  • For Triple Science students to be awarded three Science GCSEs

AWE previous purchaser:

We have found My GCSE Science very useful, especially the video feature and exam questions. We give it 9 out 10.

Learning Videos

Best-in-class online video tutorials dedicated to the 9-1 Science GCSEs

My GCSE teachers have created 200 concise, supportive video tutorials, which cover the entire specification in depth, topic by topic, across Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Watching videos is an enjoyable and effective way to learn and revise GCSE Science. We support you through the course so you’re confident and fully-prepared for the exams.

My GCSE Learning Videos
My GCSE Revision Plus

Revision Plus

Every topic across the three sciences is accompanied by multiple-choice questions to help you recap and quickly test your knowledge. Also, their expert teachers have created unique exam-style questions for each topic, to help you prepare for the exams. Detailed answer schemes, based on the 9-1 specifications, help you understand what’s required. Helpful hints and tips tell you which points to emphasise and which pitfalls to avoid. Revise effectively and ace those GCSEs!

Progress Tracker

Results from the multiple-choice quizzes feed directly through to your Progress Tracker, which helps you record your progress as you make your way through the GCSE Science course. The video dashboard for each subject is lit up with red/amber/green traffic lights so you can see exactly where you are. This helps ensure there are no gaps in your knowledge of the specification, so you can go into the exam feeling confident about getting the best grades you can

My GCSE Progress Tracker

My GCSE Science – Achieve Outstanding Results!

MY GCSE Science covers AQA, Edexcel and OCR and works on a laptop, tablet or phone.

My GCSE Science covers the entire 9-1 GCSE specification across all three sciences. Online tutorials are delivered by expert teachers who are passionate about their subjects. All resources are carefully designed to support your child and enable them to walk into the exams feeling confident and fully prepared, with the opportunity to achieve the best grades they can.

My GCSE Science Step 1 Watch


Watch the concise, expert video tutorials covering all of the 9-1 Science GCSEs

My GCSE Science Step 2 Learn


Review the videos, in your own time, at your own pace until you’ve grasped the concepts

My GCSE Science Step 3 Practise


Use the multiple-choice and exam-style questions to embed your learning

My GCSE Science Step 4 Achieve


Feel confident going into the exam, fully-prepared to get the best grades you can

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