My GCSE Science Discount

My GCSE Science Subscription FAQ

To get the discount, you must order through the AWE discount page.
This offer is only available through AWE discounts as BULK ORDERS which is why I only process in batches.
If you contact My GCSE Science direct you will JEOPARDISE THE OFFER FOR OTHER HOME EDUCATORS and will NOT get the discount anyway.

My GCSE Science – Most Common Questions

When does the subscription start?
Shortly after the 6th September 2023. You will receive your login details shortly before this date. The subscription will run for a year and end on 30th June 2024.

What if I have a query with my order?
Contact Debbie on the contact form HERE, do not contact My GCSE Science direct.

If I have more than one child, can I have two separate accounts?
Yes, you will have to order two/more subscriptions. Please note that each subscription must have its own email address. Please give an address for each My GCSE Science product you purchase.

I want to renew, can I keep my history?
For any existing AWE users that renew with AWE, the history is retained provided the same account is extended and the email and username provided (i.e. the email address/username of the account you wish to keep the history). Make sure that you enter the details on the order form.

Can I have two different exam boards for the same student?
No, I’m afraid not. Different boards require separate subscriptions, e.g. Chemistry (Edexcel) and Biology (AQA) would require two subscriptions each with its own login and password. The student would have to logout of the Edexcel session to login to an AQA session.

If my child moves from Triple to Double (or vice-versa), is his history lost?
When moving from Double to Triple (and vice versa) the history is retained. Moves are only available when renewing.

If my child moves exam board, is his history lost?
When moving from one exam board to another, a new learning history begins. Moves are only available when renewing.

This offer closes at midnight on Monday 4th September 2023

My GCSE Science – Notes from Debbie

Hi all

In answer to some parents questions about the new My GCSE Science subscription. 

  • It is a one off payment for a year subscription with a huge discount. You do not have to pay that amount monthly!
  • First you choose which exam board you want to use either Edexcel, AQA or OCR. Then you choose Double Award which is the Combined Science course, or the Triple Award which is for the three science subjects taught as individual subjects.
  • To order go to My GCSE order page HERE
  • Personally I would choose the Triple Award as its the best discount and it covers all three sciences as single subjects. So even if you choose to sit just 1 or 2 sciences you will get access to all three which may be of interest to your child even if they don’t take the exams. Bear in mind and from experience, students may change their mind about their choice of Physics, Chemistry or Biology, at some point along the way and if you have the triple content already this will be easier to accommodate! (may save you a bit of stress!)
  • As some people have asked, my own personal preference for exam board is EDEXCEL. Your child may prefer the style of a different board. My children liked EDEXCEL and I liked their website for past papers as it was simple and straight forward to use.
  • Home Educators usually choose to follow IGCSE Science instead of GCSE science. My GCSE Science course will cover all the content of the GCSE syllabus. Home Educators may need to add extra to ensure the IGCSE syllabus is covered. This can be done by parents and students using the exam boards syllabus documents.
  • Exam entry is not included. Home ed parents find an exam centre (usually local to your home) and enter their child as a private candidate. Centres all charge differing amounts so look around. Join local Facebook groups and ask for advice on there about exam centres other have used.
  • The subscription runs until 30th June 2024 as it covers one year of exam level study. After that you can renew for another year or years depending on your child’s circumstances e.g. age, ability. If you do not renew you will not have access to the site after 30th June 2024. It’s done in line with school dates.
  • Children can start working through the video content of the website at any age. It depends on their ability and interest, not age.
  • Login details and passwords will be sent to you. Please do not change these as we have had problems where people forget what they have changed them to and I am unable to reset them.
  • There are examples free of charge on their website to help you decide if it is suitable for your child. See the My GCSE Science site HERE.
  • AWE Club also run online classes for all three IGCSE sciences . They are small classes with experienced Home Ed tutors, for details go to The clases follow the EDEXCEL syllabus.
I hope that this FAQ has helped you to make a decision, to order My GCSE Science, click HERE

Happy Home Edding,