MEL Science

From 10 years and up, any child can be a scientist! 2–3 experiments per month. Completely safe and designed for home use. MEL Science 25% discount 1st month, includes a free VR headset and Starter Kit.

To get your discount:

  1. Go to the MEL science website by clicking HERE.
  2. Click on Subscribe then enter the promo code AWE  on the payment page to get great experiments like these (you can cancel at any time):
Tin hedgehog
A zinc pellet grows metallic quills
Hot ice
Cool liquid becomes hot ice

Galaxy in a bottle
A liquid solution glows like the night sky when we add a certain ingredient
Tin dendrite
Use electricity to grow metal trees right before your eyes

Copper coral
Grow copper coral on an iron clip!
Martian rust
An iron nail turns rusty red in a salt solution