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MEL Physics

PLEASE NOTE – This MEL Physics offer is only available in the USA at present.
If you are from the UK then if you are after MEL Chemistry for 10 years and up, go HERE and if you are after MEL Kids for 5 – 10 year olds, go HERE.

Make a radio, loudspeaker, wind turbine, projector, microphone or electric motor from scratch!

MEL Physics kits are perfect for:

  • Children between the ages of 8–14+ who are interested in science
  • Bridging the gap between what a child wants and what a school can offer
  • Giving kids a head start in science topics
  • Granting homeschool students a first-class educational experience

Get your first box FREE, just pay $5 shipping

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Why choose MEL Physics?

An amazing liquid substance that forms bizarre patterns with a magnet

Vacuum Chamber
Marshmallows in a vacuum chamber are inflated with internal air

Rainbow Plastic
Internal stress makes a plastic ruler shimmer in polarised light

Electric Motor
The ring spins only with the help of a battery and magnets

Hydrophobic Sand
Sand remains dry even in water due to a special coating

Luminescent Lightning
Orbeez + mystery liquid + light beam = …lightning?

MEL Physics

Expertly built by scientists and parents

Our team has 10 PhDs in science—and a growing number of children of all ages. As scientists and parents, we know what we’re doing (and who we’re doing it for).

MEL Physics

Cutting-edge technology

We use Virtual Reality to bring learning to a new level of understanding. Our VR lessons cover all the basic topics of a standard school curriculum.

MEL Physics

Proven to improve academic performancees

Research conducted by the New Jersey Institute of Technology shows that our lessons help children score higher on exams.

MEL Physics Labs

Thoroughly tested in laboratories

Our products comply with American Consumer Product Safety Commission standards. That means they meet the strictest criteria.

MEL Physics Fun

Education disguised as entertainment

More than 2.5 million followers worldwide enjoy watching our science videos on social media. And doing the experiments yourself is even more fun!

MEL Science is a London-based company of experienced educators and scientists. Their VR-powered subscription service for safe chemistry experiments debuted in 2015. The sets, aimed at kids 9-14, are delivered to 63 countries and have garnered attention from the Royal Society of Chemistry, Science magazine, and the Wall Street Journal, among others.

  • The best way to learn science is to combine theory with a hands-on approach.
  • Real learning is understanding fundamental processes, rather than cramming yourself with isolated pieces of knowledge.
  • Learning science is important even if you don’t plan to become a scientist.
  • Performing experiments is a great way to spend quality time with your loved ones. Experiments are a great way to inspire curiosity and to engage kids into science.