MEL Math Discount

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The fun way for your kids to learn math

Get hands-on kits and in-app experiences guaranteed to spark curiosity in your kids. Ages 8+.

MEL Math Discount

Look what your child can learn at home!

Exciting hands-on math kits. Delivered monthly to your home. Certified safe. Packed with everything your kids need. Filled with fun for the whole family. Get your MEL Math discount below.

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Get your MEL Math Discount

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Unbeatable games

Probability theory will help your child never lose.

Infinity cube

Explore real-life applications of math topics with your child.

Geometric designs

Working geometric designs.

How it works

1. A new kit every month

Delivered to your home, packed with fun math experiments.

2. In-app experiences

YouTube-star lessons and step-by-step video guides in one app.

3. For $29.90/month

Pause, cancel, or switch to another subject anytime.

Learn with a YouTube star

Kevin Lieber, a science blogger (Vsauce2) with millions of subscribers, will help your kids understand complicated math topics making learning math fun and accessible for all.

Unique in-app experiences

Make screen-time more productive & meaningful with complimentary in-app math experiences.

Making math simple

Step-by-step videos guide your kids through our fun & engaging hands-on math kits.

Inside the kits

MEL Maths Discount

How get 50% off your first month

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Get your MEL Math Discount

Loved by parents

Madison Gregory

“Their kits are fun, engaging, and my son can do it by himself with minimal help from me!”

Gabrielle Swasey

“From the quality of the equipment to the ease of use to the fun and educating experiments have been top notch.”

Michael Dinerstein

“These science kits are awesome! Easy/fun experiments for the kids with easy-to-digest step-by-step instructions and quick results.”

Still have questions?

When can we expect our first MEL Math box to be shipped?

The first boxes should be shipped starting October 15.

What is MEL Science?

MEL Science is an educational subscription that offers 100+ hands-on projects delivered monthly and 50+ digital experiences available anytime.

Made from safe and sustainably sourced materials

All the materials in our sets are recyclable, environmentally-friendly, and safe for your child!

Are the experiments safe?

Yes, they are. We have made every effort to ensure that our experiments are as safe as possible.

How popular is MEL?

Over 3 million followers have enthusiastically shared their scientific experiences on social media!

Designed by experts

Judy Quintero, a leader in the field of screen-free coding, has worked for many years to encourage kids to explore the creative world of coding and computational thinking.
We collaborated with Judy to bring many of her in-class activities to the safety and comfort of your own home.

Loved by kids

3 million followers love watching our science videos on social media and sharing their #melscience experience. Join us and spread the science!

What is the recommended Age range?

MEL Coding is intended for kids 4–7 years old. Kids closer to 7 years old will be able to complete all the tasks by themselves, while younger kids will need some assistance from adults.

How can I pay for the bundle?

MEL currently accept payment by Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. PLUS get your MEL Math Discount from AWE discounts.