MEL Coding Discount

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The FUN way to teach your children coding

Make and play activities that teach your kids coding skills without a screen. Ages 4+.

MEL Coding Discount

Look what your child can learn at home!

Hands-on coding kits. Certified safe. Fun for the whole family.

How to save $30

Click HERE to go to MEL Coding and enter the code AWECOD on checkout

How to save $30 with a MEL Coding Discount

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Code with your hands

Learn functional programming concepts with wooden blocks.

Combine it with LEGO to double the fun

Let them play with their favorite constructor and learn at the same time.

How it works

1. Choose your Coding bundle

Choose your Coding bundle: a Robotics kit + 2 adventures ,or a Robotics kit + 6 adventures.

2. Get a great discount

Use code AWECOD and save $30!

3. Get everything you need at once

Receive your coding adventure bundle with a Robotics kit and programming computer.

4. Let your child learn

Fun activities and captivating stories engage them in learning how to code without a screen.

MEL Coding Discount

What is in MEL coding?

  • Screen-free computer
  • 3 craft pieces
  • Story maps
  • LEGO-compatible rover
  • Mochi bear
  • Storyteller
  • 12 coding blocks
  • Storybooks
  • LEGO connectors

Why MEL Coding?

1. Code without the screen

Use the coding blocks with the screenless computer to allow your child to code their first program.

2. Ready for adventures

Each new coding kit contains a big adventure waiting to be unlocked.

3. More quality time together

Embark on a coding adventure together creating lasting memories with your little ones.

4. Use again, and again

We designed each hands-on activity and collectible part to be played with over and over again.

How to save $30

Click HERE to go to MEL Coding and enter the code AWECOD on checkout

How to save $30 with a MEL Coding Discount

Voice feedback

Every kit comes with a unique memory card containing songs, music and even stories. Simply place your movement blocks onto the board, press “Go” and the computer will provide your child carefully curated next steps. With sound blocks the board will sing your child’s favourite songs, story blocks will even read your child a story!

What is in the bundle?

A screen-free computer, a story map, 12 coding blocks, 3D puzzles, STEM games, LEGO connectors, 3 craft pieces, Mochi bear, LEGO-compatible rover.

Made from safe and sustainably sourced materials

All the materials in our sets are recyclable, environmentally-friendly, and safe for your child!

Are the experiments safe?

Yes, they are. We have made every effort to ensure that our experiments are as safe as possible.

Designed by experts

Judy Quintero, a leader in the field of screen-free coding, has worked for many years to encourage kids to explore the creative world of coding and computational thinking.
We collaborated with Judy to bring many of her in-class activities to the safety and comfort of your own home.

Loved by kids

3 million followers love watching our science videos on social media and sharing their #melscience experience. Join us and spread the science!

What is the recommended Age range?

MEL Coding is intended for kids 4–7 years old. Kids closer to 7 years old will be able to complete all the tasks by themselves, while younger kids will need some assistance from adults.

How can I pay for the bundle?

MEL currently accept payment by Visa, Mastercard, and American Express and with AWE, get a MEL Coding Discount.