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Maths Flash Cards 20% Discount

Flashies characters provide an easy and memorable ways for children to learn maths!

If you hear the ice cream van jingle, the first thing you think of is ice cream. Maths in a Flash flash cards have been developed in a way such that we hope that by seeing a picture of one of our characters or stories, your child instantly recalls the maths behind it.

Maths in a Flash are not trying to invent new maths. Instead, they have developed a brand-new way of remembering the core elements of maths that feature within the national curriculum. Flashies really want to encourage you to spend quality time with your child working through the flash card packs.

Too often in schools, students don’t entirely grasp key concepts, and this can create confusion in later years. Flashies directly targets these core foundations, because perfecting this is a definite ingredient for success.

Maths in a Flash 20% Discount

How to get the most out of Maths in a Flash Times Tables flash cards

Flashies recommend watching their video when buying their Times Tables Flash cards. Notice how to repeat the entire rhyme a few times with your children, and then practice them; first with the clue and then over time cover up the clue. If you learn just a few each day you’ll soon see your children turn into Times Tables superstars!

Both the Times Tables and the Number Bonds videos are available on the Flashies website.

Number Bonds in a Flash

£7.99 instead of £9.99
Maths in a Flash Number Bonds are a key part of the national curriculum, and without them, we wouldn’t have maths. Number bonds are pairs of numbers that add to make another number, for example 7 and 3 are a number bond to 10. The pack primarily focuses on these number bonds to 10, all the way up to 100. Being able to recall these bonds is important for problem solving and developing a greater understanding of numbers.


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Times Tables in a flash

£7.99 instead of £9.99
Join Maths in a Flash on a journey into mastering every Times Tables question up to 12×12! When using these cards, combined with the free worksheets below, will allow your children to flourish with their Times Tables.
Each of these cards are accompanied with a question card and a worksheet online. These tables in particular make sense to learn together and it’s important that your children master each before moving onto the next.

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About Maths in a Flash:

My name is Joanne Parker and for the past 15 years I’ve had the pleasure of tutoring primary school maths. In this time, I have developed a series of unique stories that I use everyday with my students. The two main things that I always strive to achieve is for a smile on my students face, as well as for them to remember everything that we learn. This is the case, regardless of whether we are learning about Paul the decimal point, my pet dog Perimeter or any of my other stories.

Flashies Times Tables Cards

It’s been amazing seeing some of the children that I’ve tutored develop into maths superstars, but I’ve always wanted to have the opportunity to show everyone, not just my pupils, these methods. Flashies is our answer! A tool that can really improve students confidence, as well as their love for learning!

With the help of my son Harry, who is also a maths tutor and Economics student, we’ve managed to transform what started in my crazy brain, into a series of flash cards. Together with Steven Tasker and Katie Conner our amazing graphic designers, we are the Flashies team.

So please join us on a wonderful journey, meeting the Flashies family of characters along the way. You’ll never think of maths in the same way again!