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LessonFlix Discount

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Online lessons taught by the world’s greatest minds. Learn from 25+ teachers, across a range of subjects. More are added every week!

Over 3,000 lessons and growing!


LessonFlix now includes a new and exclusive online course for those who want to learn how to code. You can now take your learning to another level with 15 easy to follow lessons that will have you coding like an expert in no time!


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Lessonflix is the perfect subscription for us. The videos are engaging but informative. Our oldest, with ADHD, just recently made the transition from interest-led HomeEd to more formal GCSE prep HomeEd and it’s going amazing because of Lessonflix. The tracker is mum’s favourite but the teachers are the 14 year old’s favourite!
Mrs J

Mrs J

My son loves the history lessons from Lessonflix as he can browse so many different periods and interesting topics. This maintains his interest in learning in a way which school based face to face never could. Highly recommend for young people who prefer some self-directed learning.
Elaine B

Elaine B

A valuable resource for my granddaughter with an excellent variety of subjects. Lessons are broken down into manageable units and are lively and interesting. She uses them for revision and also to help her consolidate some areas of study where her understanding needs support. The animated videos and diagrams are an excellent teaching and learning tool.

Leilah M

Leilah M

Lessonflix has been a great way for me to expand my knowledge in certain areas in which I struggle. Particular lessons that have helped me are Mr.Bruff’s English lessons, and Cognito’s chemistry lessons. I love how everything is so accessible and that there is a wide range of both subjects and teachers that you can learn from.

Lessonflix Includes:

Mr Bruff: GCSE English Language and Literature, A-Level English Language, Grammar
Cognito: GCSE Chemistry, Biology, Physics and GCSE Mathematics
Mr Exham: GCSE and A-Level Biology
Katie Estruch: A-Level Biology
Mr B – GCSE Geography
The Media Insider – GCSE Media Studies
300 lessons of English as Foreign Language

Lessonflix Key Features

LessonFlix 45% Discount

Learn French with Alexa

Add Learn French with Alexa!

Learn French with Alexa and all of her French revision lessons are now live on Lessonflix. They’re fun, friendly and stress-free. Join Alexa and start learning French today!

✔️ Covering French levels A0 to C2
✔️Video lessons are popular worldwide
✔️ Over 105 million views on her videos
✔️ Fully structured French online lessons
✔️ Supported both children and adults

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Lessonflix is accessible most devices including iOS devices, Android devices, MACs, and PCs.

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