Kitchen Sink Science by Graham Bray 40% discount

Kitchen Sink Science
  • Using everyday objects to bring Science to life!
  • 20 videos showing in detail how to carry out the practical investigations
  • Activity sheets for each investigation, with details of the simple equipment needed and the method, step-by-step
  • Results and question sheets for each investigation to get students thinking about the observations they have made
  • An overview showing how the investigations link to the AQA KS3 Ten Topics
  • £14.99 instead of £24.99 for INSTANT LIFETIME access!
Kitchen Sink Home Education

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Kitchen Sink Science

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From Graham Bray:

“I have always loved carrying out science investigations. There’s only so much you can take on board from textbooks, and sometimes you just need to do a bit of ‘hands-on’ science to really grasp what it’s all about.

This is why I came up with the idea for Kitchen Sink Science. I wanted to collect together a series of simple practical investigations that could be carried out at home with just the apparatus that can mostly be found in the kitchen, garden shed, garage, etc. To learn effectively from practical science doesn’t mean that you need to get fancy and expensive equipment – one of the investigations I’ve included just involves two empty cans and a bit of string!

But the beauty of science practical work is that you can extend it further to investigate and develop your own observations and conclusions. Hopefully my practical videos will also show you that investigations don’t always go right first time, and as a result you have to persevere until you get a successful outcome.

I have chosen the 20 practical investigations to be used alongside my Key Stage 3 Science Video Course. The table below shows the Ten Topics covered in the video course, and the investigations I suggest for Years 7 and 8. I really do hope that you enjoy my choices, and I would love to hear how you get on.”

Sample Video

Summary of Practicals by Topic

Measuring speed
Insulators and conductors
Energy transfer circus
Tin can telephone
Crazy custard
Film canister rockets
Making a lava lamp
Colour changing carnation flowers
Seed germination
Variation and using data
Making an electromagnet
A water thermometer
Making a pinhole camera
Colouring milk
Making sherbet
Balloon powered car
Pineapple enzymes
Using quadrats in sampling
Extracting strawberry DNA

I would not hesitate to thoroughly recommend Graham's value for money science resources to one and all.

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