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Kandu IT Online IT Courses

Students from the age of 12 upwards, from a range of backgrounds and with different needs have successfully completed Online IT Courses with a qualification in BTEC Certificate in ICT Systems & Principles Level 2 and BTEC Diploma in ICT Systems & Principles Level 3. These are QCF accredited qualifications and can be completed 100% online, with no attendance required. Perfect for Home Educators.


Kandu IT Online IT Course BTEC Certificate/Diploma in ICT Level 2 or 3

LEVEL 2 – The perfect platform for those looking to enter the IT industry in a technical capacity. Requires around 120 learning hours with a total of 7 assignments to be completed.
LEVEL 3 – For those with a little more experience in IT support, Level 3 qualifications are more desirable to employers. 240 learning hours with a total of 12 assignments to be completed.

INSTRUCTIONS to get the discount:

  1. Click HERE to go to the order page for Kandu IT Online BTEC Certificate/Diploma in ICT Level 2 or 3 (opens in new tab)
  2. Click on the “More Info” button of Level 2 or 3
  3.  Scroll down and click “Customise your learning” don’t forget to use the AWECLUB coupon code

Pay monthly, or get a 25% discount for paying a year in advance, THEN get a 15% AWE discount!


  • All learners are now given access to a cloud based PC as standard which can be used for the practical work
  • Streamlined project based assessments – The Level 2 can now be completed in just 5 assessments (previously took 7), the Level 3 can now be completed in 7 assessments (was previously 13)
  • New material to incorporate Windows 11
  • The Level 3 has an increased focus on Cyber Security with the supplied material also covering CompTIA Security+ objectives

Quote from a parent who purchased through AWE

“My son has just completed the Level 2 and really enjoyed it. The guys who run it are amazing and so supportive. I can’t say enough good about them.”

Pearson Announcement for BTEC’s

“No changes are being made to technical qualifications until the 2023/24 academic year at the earliest, and no changes are being made to academic qualifications, including Applied General qualifications, until the 2024/25 academic year at the earliest.”

See here for the full Pearson announcement.

Free Online ICT Course – try before you buy!

The free course acts as the perfect foundation to CompTIA & BTEC ICT Specialist Qualifications. Your first step towards towards IT Certification.


  1. Click HERE to go to the Kandu IT free course (no credit card needed)
  2. When you have completed the course, come back to this page to order and get your discount on their other courses

FAQ from KanduIT:

Comparing different qualifications isn’t always easy, especially when comparing Vocational qualifications with Academic qualifications, the easiest way of doing this is using RQF/QCF Credits and Guided Learning Hours (GLH) is also useful as the two are linked (the higher GLH = more credits).

The BTEC’s we deliver are fully accredited/regulated qualifications which are part of the BTEC ICT specialist family. It is a very flexible framework and the total credits awarded can vary depending on unit combinations, for example the Level 2 can be between 13 and 20 credits depending on the unit combination. As such the information below relates specifically to the Unit combinations we deliver.

If we start with the BTEC Certificate in ICT Systems & Principles Level 2, the qualification is based over 120 GLH (2 x 60 hour units), which equates to 20 RQF/QCF Credits. This is the same as 1 x GCSE and so we would say that the BTEC Level 2 is broadly equivalent to 1 x GCSE with a ‘Pass’ grade (C, or 4-5 with the new marking).

As is typical with most vocational qualifications the ICT Specialist qualifications are graded as Pass/Fail only, so you will find that the value of a GCSE would then go up and down slightly depending on the grade the person achieves.

The BTEC Diploma in ICT Systems & Principles Level 3 is a qualification based over 240 GLH (4 x 60 hour units) which equates to 40 QCF Credits. This is broadly equivalent to 1 x A-Level with a C grade.

The Level 3 Diploma carries UCAS points which can be used towards entry to higher education. The calculations are complicated, so if you would like to know the exact number of UCAS points, please contact the Kandu support HERE.

So although they are accredited, recognised qualifications, they are not the same as those taken in colleges and there’s no real direct comparison with GCSES or A Levels. The extended diploma that they used to offer was similar to the level 3 that you would do in college.

So the level 2 is roughly equivalent to a GCSE grade 4 pass. And the level 3 is roughly an A level grade 4 pass. But individual colleges vary on what they’ll count, unfortunately

For comparison – a level 3 BTEC extended diploma they do in college is equivalent to 3 A levels

Specification for BTEC Certificate in ICT Systems & Principles L2 (IT Fault Diagnosis & Remedy) Level 2:

Kandu Education Limited are a Pearson Edexcel Approved Online ICT Course Centre number 44606. They are also a registered LVP supplier for the DWP. BTEC qualifications are recognised by all employers and the BTEC qualifications they offer are QCF accredited so recognised by all Higher Education institutions. Various payment options are available on the website. Please note, the discount applies to learning subscriptions, Live Labs and Registrations only.