IGCSE’s are NOT being cancelled 2021

This is good news for Home Educated private candidates. Home Ed students could possibly consider swapping from GCSE to IGCSE but this depends on the subjects. You will need to look at and compare the syllabus to see if you would be able to cover any IGCSE content not covered in your GCSE studies before the exams dates.

Maths for example would be reasonably easy to swap.

From the BBC website:

The IGCSE exams, usually only taken in private schools, are still going ahead this summer – even though GCSEs and A-levels have been cancelled.

Exam boards that run IGCSEs plan to offer them, while many other exams have been stopped by the pandemic.

IGCSE qualifications, alternative exams to GCSEs, are not usually available in state schools.

Pupils in England whose A-levels and GCSEs are cancelled will depend on replacement grades from teachers.

But Education Secretary Gavin Williamson’s scrapping of exams this summer does not apply to students taking IGCSEs.

A Department for Education report in 2019 found 94% of IGCSEs were taken in private schools, accounting for 164,000 exam entries.

Source: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-55581576