How to find a local Exam Centre for Home Educators

Just type in your postcode and you will see a list of exam centres who accepted Private Candidates in Summer 2022 on the JCQ website.

There is no guarantee they will do so again and each will have their own fees, forms and date deadlines.

Contact their EXAMS OFFICER (not the receptionist) in plenty of time to ensure you know what they will require you to do to book your child in for exams. Explain you would like to entre a PRIVATE CANDIDATE who is currently ELECTIVELY HOME EDUCATED.

SEN or Access Arrangements can be complicated to arrange so contact exam centres very early to allow extra time for getting documentation that may be needed. I always advise parents to make initial enquiries a full year before the required exam season.


Bear in mind you will need your child’s proof of identity for the booking process. Birth Certificates and passports are best but if those are difficult to provide ask your exam centre what ID they will accept as an alternative.

The link below will take you to the JCQ Postcode search. If you are unable to find a local exam centre you can ask on your local Facebook page for Home Educators.

Click here

Happy Home Edding!


How to find a local Exam Centre