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    Project/Topics may keep them occupied and interested for 10 minutes or 10 days! Children discover subjects they are passionate about and want to learn more about by using the suggested topic ideas as a starting point. The good thing is that each topic can be tailored for all ages. I found my children could all work on the same topic in their own ways suitable to their own ages, abilities and interests.

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    Home Education Topic Ideas



    1st: World Wide Web Day & National Vegan Day

    Create a Website With Your Kids 

    Try Out Some Vegan Recipes 


    2nd: National Colouring Book Day

    Colouring Sheets Created by Quentin Blake 

    Make Your Own Colouring Book 

    Creative Campaigns with the British Library 


    3rd: National Watermelon Day

    Yummy Watermelon Lollies 

    Easy Tissue Paper Watermelon Craft https//