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Get the most out of GCSEPod

All of GCSEPod curriculum content is written by experts and created in-house. Their pods are 3-5 min bursts of GCSE learning, rigorously quality assured and mapped to all major GCSE and IGCSE exams boards. With in-depth content knowledge for 27 GCSE/ IGCSE subjects, you can be sure the only content they see is the content they need. GCSEPod make it easy to learn and revise from wherever you are, on any device and is particularly suited to remote learning. The ability to build knowledge in sequence through their unique pods, enables retention and recall when it is most needed. Teach, assess, monitor, manage and engage with an award-winning resource that puts evidence and progress at the heart of everything they do.

GCSEPod is not just for schools, subscriptions are available for individuals, including mature students, home educators, or parents who just want to give their child a helping hand at this crucial time. Data shows students using GCSEPod can achieve 1 additional grade higher in each subject. With no hidden or additional charges and never any locked content. All of our Pods are approved by subject specialists, endorsed by industry leaders and celebrated for our evidence based approach. Being able to filter the content by exam board, being accessible and device agnostic means that they are reliable and available to anyone, anywhere.

Subscription includes:

  • Content written by subject specialists
  • 28 Subjects
  • Award winning content and assessment
  • Mapped to all major GCSE and IGCSE exam boards
  • Online and offline access
  • Dedicated subscription support
  • Free resources
  • Usage and progress reporting


GCSEPod content covers the main exam boards including: AQA, Cambridge IGCSE, Cambridge O Level, Edexcel, Edexcel International GCSE, NICCEA, OCR, OCR Gateway Science, OCR Twenty First Century Science, Oxford AQA, WJEC, WJEC Eduqas. N.B. They do not cover every topic and English set text. If in doubt, please contact GCSEPod.

  • Maths
  • English Literature
  • English Language
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Combined Science
  • Co-ordinated Sciences – (Cambridge IGCSE only)
  • Science (Single Award)
  • Science (Double Award)
  • Geography
  • History
  • Religious Studies
  • ICT
  • Information Technologies – (Cambridge Nationals)
  • IT (AQA Technical Award)
  • Computer Science
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Welsh Second Language
  • Business
  • PE
  • Health & Fitness – (V Cert)
  • Music Theory – Podcasts for this subject are not exam board specific
  • Food Preparation and Nutrition – (AQA only)
  • Design and Technology – (AQA only)
  • Texts for Drama – Podcasts for this subject are not exam board specific

Previous AWE purchasers:

“I honestly cannot say how utterly BRILLIANT the gcsepod resources are…what a wonderful idea, and an absolute Godsend for the youngsters AND for us ‘poor’ parents!! A truly FANTASTIC resource for Revision and Guidance through the many many MANY Subjects/facts/figures….I really do believe that the visual approach to learning and remembering all of this information, is absolutely spot-on…PERFECT.”
Tracey Wileman, Parent

“Before we found GCSEpod, my daughter was failing to reach her potential. Her stress levels were high and self-esteem was low. I felt helpless watching her struggling. Finding GCSEpod was quite literally like finding GCSE gold dust.”

What we like about the pod is that you have all your resources in one place and also that there are a good selection of syllabuses. *** says that there is lots of information there and that it is quite concise.


GCSEpod understand how important it is to support your child during their GCSEs, so they’ve created a page full of resources, especially for you. Here you can discover parent user guides and quick start guides, and you can explore how to support your child. Click here for the GCSEpod Parent Guide (opens in a new window)




Maths Pod
We provide brand new Maths content, which covers the new GCSEs and International GCSEs. You can be confident that you have everything you need to teach the curriculum next year.

English Pod
Our content is fully mapped to new English Language and English Literature GCSEs and International GCSEs.

Computer Science Pod
Our Computer Science resources support the current and new specifications for all major UK exam boards. We also offer content for the outgoing ICT curriculum.

Science Pod
Mapped to the new GCSEs and supporting all of the main GCSE and IGCSE exam boards, we cover Biology, Physics and Chemistry as separate sciences, as well as Core, Additional, Double, Combined and Co-ordinated Sciences.