Flat Stan First Aid 44% Discount

First Aid course for ages 4 to 11

Flat Stan online First Aid course. With this course you will get access to the First Aid Videos via the secure website platform, an E Flip book and a downloadable certificate.

Flat Stan First Aid
Flat Stan First Aid

Children can make a difference in an emergency, First Aid is a life skill that is often overlooked. These resources allow children to learn a variety of skills and share the experience with the rest of their family.

First Aid is now taught in schools so this is a great offer to ensure your Home Educated children don’t miss this vital life skill.


The agreement is that the discount is only accessible for Home Educators with children not registered at any school.

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AWE Price
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Flat Stan First Aid
£ 36
£ 20

On the Flat Stan page, click on the ‘Home Education’ button to bring up the Discount Code entry area.

Flat Stan First Aid

What The Videos Cover

What is first aid and who can deliver first aid

  • When and how to get help
  • How to check if someone is responsive
  • What to do if you think a casualty is not breathing
  • The choking casualty
  • What to do if someone is bleeding
  • What to do if someone suffers a burn