IGCSE Contingency plans in case exams are cancelled

In the unlikely event of exams being cancelled in 2022, Edexcel will use a portfolio of evidence approach that must include at least one full set of past papers, which they will then moderate and grade.

They have not mentioned use of unseen papers for 2022. More details will be announced next year.

IGCSE Contingency plans in case exams are cancelled

What are the contingency arrangements for international qualifications?

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Exams will take place in 2022 for International GCSE, International AS/A level, iPrimary and iLowerSecondary, but in the unlikely event that exams cannot take place in some jurisdictions again because of the pandemic, we are now able to confirm that in the exceptional circumstance that exams cannot go ahead in your country in summer 2022, students’ grades would instead be determined by using an evidence-based approach which would then be marked and graded by us.  Centres would have to submit at least one set of past papers as part of the portfolio.

Detailed information on how grades would be determined in summer 2022 will only be published if exams are cancelled. At that point, we would take account of the timing of the decision, the reason for the decision and any public health restrictions in place in specific international regions at the time, as well as lessons learned from the 2021 arrangements, and would provide further guidance to centres. In the meantime, teachers should teach and assess their students as they would throughout the year, in line with the guidance below, to gather the evidence they would use to determine grades, in case they are needed.

What are the arrangements for private candidates?

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In normal years, when exams take place, private candidates register with a centre which arranges for the candidate to take their exams alongside the centre’s students. As we expect exams to take place in 2022, centres are encouraged to allow private candidates to register with them in the usual way. 

Some private candidates might want centres to assess them throughout the year, alongside the centres’ students, in line with the DfE and Ofqual guidance. Centres may agree to do so, although they would need to make sure the assessments only covered content the private candidate had studied. Alternatively, private candidates could be assessed only if exams are cancelled, in which case they would be assessed in a compressed period.   

If exams are cancelled, the Department for Education would again explore ways to encourage centres to work with private candidates and to provide affordable opportunities for private candidates to work with centres. 

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