IGCSE and GCSE Exam Revision

GCSE Exam Revision

IGCSE and GCSE Exam Revision. Maths, Physics, Biology and Chemistry all in one place


GCSE Exam Revision Discount £20 per year!

ExamApp is a learning portal (not a mobile App)

SAVE £40! only £20 for a year! IGCSE & GCSE Exam Revision

Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics
The entire syllabus for £20!

Thousands of tutorials plus past papers, developed by Oxford University.

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The subscription is automatically recurring but can be cancelled at any time IN YOUR ACCOUNT HERE
You will still have access until your subscription ends.
Renewal will be at the discounted £20 price.


Developed at the University of Oxford by leading experts in GCSE/IGCSE Education

The ENTIRE Math, Biology, Chemistry and Physics syllabus is covered! Includes hundreds of past exam papers.
ExamApp is an e-learning platform (not a mobile App)

  • The ENTIRE Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics GCSE/IGCSE curriculum, thousands of E-learning tutorials and quizzes on every topic
  • Results and progress are tracked automatically
  • Links to past papers all in one place
  • Perfect for Home Education
  • Students can learn and revise 24/7 from anywhere in the world, on all types of computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • The Exam App e-learning platform was developed by academics at the University of Oxford

Exam Boards

Cambridge IGCSE
Edexcel IGCSE

Frequently Asked Questions

Which devices can I use Exam App on?
Exam App works with most tablets, smartphones, desktop computers and laptops.
They highly recommend that you use the Google Chrome web browser to view Exam App content.

What will my subscription include?
Your subscription will provide you with access to all Exam App tutorials, quizzes and other content.

How many students does the subscription include?
ExamApp highly recommend students each have their own individual logins as ExamApp is designed to automatically save results and track individual student progress. The ExamApp discount through AWE has been priced to be as accessible as possible for all students, and we encourage purchasers to make use of the low-priced offer with AWE which provides each student with excellent value.

Which subjects are available on Exam App?
GCSE/IGCSE Mathematics and GCSE/IGCSE Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics).

Which exam boards does Exam App cover?

ExamApp Mathematics is suitable for all GCSE / IGCSE exam boards.
Exam App Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) follows the structure of the GCSE AQA exam board, however, these tutorials can also be used to revise for other GCSE / IGCSE exam boards as well.

What if I have any technical issues when using Exam App?
ExamApp recommend that you use the Google Chrome web browser to access ExamApp. If you experience problems, you can clear your cookies or attempt to login via an incognito window.

How do I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription by logging in and under the subscriptions tab, you can select ‘cancel subscription’.
Please note that you will still be able to login to Exam App for the remainder of the term you have paid for. Refunds are not available for subscriptions which are cancelled early.

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