Enjoy Maths!

Created by a Home Educator, Enjoy Maths! is a fun, child-friendly maths programme for Home Educators.

Full price £8.99pm, AWE discount price £6

Every 4 weeks, you’ll get one of our fascinating Maths packs. Every month has a different theme and covers different elements of Maths. Themes include:

  • Robots
  • Patterns in the Environment
  • Knights and Ninjas
  • History and Timelines
  • Travel
  • Maps and Plans…… and more!

Each month there are games to play and practical activities to do together – plus lots of suggested links to bring in Science, Art, History, Geography and/or coding. Everything is geared up to make Maths make sense to your child – not just numbers to shove around on paper but activities to link Maths with real life and make it come alive. There’s also a linked Facebook group where you can get your questions answered and see how other Home Educating parents are using the programme.

To get the discount:

  1. Go to Enjoy Maths! by clicking HERE (opens in a new window)