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Created by a Home Educator, Enjoy Maths! is a fun, child-friendly maths programme for Home Educators.

Many home educators take their children out of school because they feel that the ‘battery-hen’ approach to learning doesn’t suit their child. They rightly feel that teaching their own child or children can be an integral – and most enjoyable – part of parenting. But if there is one subject that – more than any other – causes stress and anxiety to home-educating parents, it seems to be Maths. This is almost always because you yourself were taught Maths in the ‘battery hen’ way.

You don’t want to do the same with your child, but how else can you do it?

Enjoy Maths

Two Products…..

Enjoy Maths! Subscription

Full price £8.99pm, AWE discount price £6

Every 4 weeks, you’ll get one of our fascinating Maths packs. Every month has a different theme and covers different elements of Maths. Themes include:

    • Robots
    • Patterns in the Environment
    • Knights and Ninjas
    • History and Timelines
    • Travel
    • Maps and Plans…… and more!

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Each month there are games to play and practical activities to do together – plus lots of suggested links to bring in Science, Art, History, Geography and/or coding. Everything is geared up to make Maths make sense to your child – not just numbers to shove around on paper but activities to link Maths with real life and make it come alive. There’s also a linked Facebook group where you can get your questions answered and see how other Home Educating parents are using the programme.

Messing About with Algebra

Normally £6.50, with AWE you get a

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Messing About with Algebra is a stand-alone pack suitable for young people aged (roughly) 11-14. Wendy has created a different way of engaging with Algebra. It’s an invitation to play with Algebra, to mess about -mess up, even. Have some fun. Experiment. Doodle. It’s an invitation to explore Algebra in ways that will help you understand how it works. It’s not like school work – more like educational play. Don’t take it seriously! Dabble. Do it in little chunks if you like. Stop and start as you feel like it.


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Some parents buy workbooks and follow the school curriculum, more or less, because that’s safer. It ensures that you tick all the boxes. And at least, teaching one-to-one, you’re more able to go at your child’s own pace and ensure that he or she is understanding what they do. This is fine, but there’s still a risk that Maths is less fun than some of the other learning you do.

And because the school curriculum snips Maths into little unconnected sections – fractions, symmetry, multiplication tables, probability and so on – most workbooks follow the same system. So there’s a risk that Maths never quite joins up with the rest of the curriculum, or comes together as a unified whole.

The other extreme is to teach Maths in context, only as it comes up in real life. That’s great, and does at least ensure that Maths makes sense. But the risk here is of missing out the bits of Maths that you personally haven’t connected to real life. It depends very much on how much you liked and understood Maths. So this can be a wonderful and rich approach, or a somewhat limited one.

That’s where the Enjoy Maths programme comes in

It’s not designed to replace the approach you’re already comfortable with, but to extend it and enrich it with practical activities, art projects, investigations and games. It’s designed to add variety and inspiration – and perhaps a different way of looking at Maths, for children and parents. The aim is not for me – as an expert- to tell you – as a non-expert – what to do. Rather, it’s to take the kinds of things you’re almost certainly already doing and just give you some inspiration – and the confidence perhaps – to extend them, and to connect more Maths to them.

Maths can be joyful and fun. It can be an adventure. It can build in your child the most tremendous sense of competency and satisfaction. It can give a whole new appreciation of the beauty in the natural world – and in the man-made one. Best of all, as you start to explore Maths in this new and different way with your child, you may find that you yourself are starting to feel differently about it. You may be surprised to discover just how enjoyable it can be!