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Curious Little Monkeys is run by two home educating Mums who love to create hands-on, fun learning experiences for their children- and now share them with you!
Laura is a qualified teacher who now home educates her four beautiful children. With her extensive experience in teaching children and running her educational groups, Laura creates brilliant cross-curricular activity packs that are now available with a discount from AWE. Hannah home educates her three lovely girls in Surrey and helps Laura run the Curious Little Monkeys.

“My son is thoroughly enjoying the activities in the Minecraft pack! It’s learning but he doesn’t realise that it is! The activity packs are a fantastic idea and well worth the money, as they’re packed with ideas.”
Holly Jade, UK

“Rainbow pack is the best, so much love for this pack. It has filled my daughter with so much joy. The laughter and fun we had doing games and activities has been great. Love it!! X”
Stacey, Surrey


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Here is an example description for the Minecraft Pack

Curious Little Monkeys Minecraft

Curious Little Monkeys Ultimate Minecraft Activity Pack is the perfect way to encourage your Minecraft fan to break away from the screen! It is also brilliant if your child has become a bit of a reluctant learner over the last few months.

It’s packed full of Minecraft themed cross-curricular activities which include literacy, numeracy, science, art, STEM, Lego build challenges and a geography-based project. Your child will be learning lots without even realising it! The pack includes helpful learning and planning tools to support children with the tasks. It is written for them, in easy to understand steps using a dyslexia friendly font. It is suitable for children aged 5+ with adult support as appropriate. Children aged 7-11 should be able to do it mostly independently.

Your Minecrafter will have great fun with stop motion animation, mixing slime, building a trap and constructing 3D characters. They will be investigating rocks, making their own top trumps game, designing skins and lots more! It’s a lovely, varied selection of activities which will keep your Minecrafter entertained for ages, it contains over 25 activities!

With this Curious Little Monkeys pack your child will find themselves creating, designing and investigating. They will build their reading, writing and comprehension skills. Their critical thinking, problem solving and resilience will be encouraged. Number facts and maths concepts will be reinforced. Most importantly they will be having fun, keeping their brain stimulated and maybe even giving you the chance for a cup of tea! Some of our activities involve the use of things like scissors, knives and ovens; children will need appropriate supervision for these.