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Best EVER ConquerComputing Offer

ConquerComputing has been completely revised for 2021 and we have a great offer for full time Home Educators. Please see below for how to get the code.

ConquerComputing includes all aspects of computing not just programming, and these are aligned to the National Curriculum.

Ideal for Home Educating families, children can explore and develop their skills with a range of creative, colourful activities, including coding, Scratch, graphic design, internet safety, word processing, Logo, spreadsheets, robotics, and associated maths concepts.

For Children

  • Exciting Projects
  • Play Activities
  • Beautifully Explained
  • Step by step, child-friendly language 
  • Engaging characters

Computers in our lives

  • Online safety
  • Social media and Digital Footprints
  • Search Engines
  • Files and Folders; Tree structures
  • Word Processors
  • Spreadsheets

Doing things in logical steps

  • Algorithms
  • Sequence
  • Order of size

Thinking about movement

  • Simple journeys
  • Motion: distance
  • Motion: turning
  • Turning relative to direction
  • Compass directions: N, S, E, W
  • Start and End points

Coding concepts

  • Inputs, steps, outputs
  • Numeric and String variables
  • True and False
  • Optimising and shortening routines
  • Debugging
  • Creating digital Letters and Numbers
  • Simple Binary Search
  • Binary representations
  • Binary addition

Manipulating images

  • Graphic design
  • Graphical effects
  • Editing images
  • Using layers

Associated concepts

  • Rectangles and Squares
  • Circles and ellipses
  • Regular Polygons
  • Angles
  • Percentages
  • Binary
  • Coordinates, axes, negative numbers
  • Bearings
  • Patterns
  • Variables
  • Random numbers
  • Reflection

Coding in LOGO

  • The turtle; the Commander area
  • Using coordinates
  • Drawing polygons
  • Circles and ellipses
  • Using Repeat
  • Making colourful patterns
  • Lines and thickness
  • Colours and filling with colour
  • Creating pictures

Coding in Scratch

  • A new project
  • Screen areas
  • Sprites, costumes, blocks, backdrops
  • Saving and importing
  • Coding events and looks
  • Control
  • Changing costumes to simulate movement
  • Action triggers
  • Sound
  • Inputs
  • Sizing objects; using percentage
  • Using random numbers
  • Location and coordinates
  • Negative numbers
  • Motion across the stage; bouncing
  • Broadcasting and receiving messages
  • Conditions using If-then-else
  • Creating and editing Lists
  • Creating buttons
  • Using Loops for repeated actions
  • Drawing polygons and patterns
  • Using colours
  • Coordinates for motion
  • Using variables for score
  • A real Ping Pong game
  • A moving, bouncing ball
  • Sensing contact
  • Operators
  • Variables
  • Inputs from keyboard keys
  • Displaying messages
  • No-go areas

For Parents

  • Helpful Guides
  • Easy to use
  • Progress monitoring
  • Very affordable
  • Learn alongside your children!

To get the discount

The AWE discounts subscription offer is a great offer only available to Home Educators. Access is through the Home Educators Secret Discount Codes Facebook group.

Please enter the password given to you on the Home Educators Secret Discount Codes Facebook Group and sign up for instant access.

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ConquerComputing Relaunch update from Debbie

I just wanted to say how brilliant I think ConquerComputing is. I decided to start at the beginning and work my way through. It’s great for kids but amazingly I am learning things too! I am really impressed with its makeover and new parent friendly guides.

It starts with ‘What is a computer’ and ‘What is an Algorithm’ and explains simply but comprehensively with a variety of videos, worksheets and games to consolidate what was covered in each lesson. There is a great deal of content and I would say it’s probably suitable for age 6 to 12 or maybe even older if the child has not done any proper computing (as opposed to just playing games).

You get a parents login and a child login with parent guides that are easy to use and help parents to support what the child is learning. You can see what your child has done and their scores so you know how they are doing.

It teaches Scratch in a step by step way so you know everything is covered. It’s a really good way to learn Scratch coding as it starts assuming no prior knowledge which is great for me! I’m sure there must be other parents who would find it useful to learn Scratch alongside their child so they can help them progress. I am going to do the lessons and then stun my grandkids with my new skills!

It goes on to some quite complicated things so I will report back when I have done some more!

Perfect for young children, the language is simple and child-friendly. Each of the exciting projects is introduced by a short video, narrated in an appealing ,manner to guide children step by step through the topic.

Colourful worksheets support the concepts learned, providing practice to consolidate understanding and helping children to build up their own coding projects.

Around 1,500 online ‘Play’ activities will engage youngsters with instant feedback. These include drag-and-drop coding, word searches, card sorting, Binary challenges, multiple choice questions, input/outputs to make words, creating their own Pizza or dressing Mrs Pineapple Head!