ConquerMaths and ConquerComputing Bundle Discount

Fantastic offer for Home Educators who have joined the Home Educators Secret Discount Codes Facebook group.

Much better offer than if purchased separately!

ConquerMaths-Computing Bundle Discount
ConquerMaths and ConquerComputing
ConquerMaths-Computing Bundle Discount

Get the ConquerMaths and ConquerComputing Bundle DISCOUNT

Our friends ConquerMaths have a bundle discount for Home Educators, it’s a remarkable price which offers tremendous value. The condition is that you have to be a full-time Home Educating family to take advantage of the offer so I’m not allowed to tell you publicly what it is.

Join the Home Educators Secret Discount Codes facebook group to get this GREAT ConquerMaths discount.

ConquerMaths is a trusted resource relied on by numerous Home Educators and has been for many years. It gives parents the peace of mind that everything is covered for all ages.

ConquerMaths is very easy to use and flexible allowing children to work through the lessons and questions independently.  Home Educator subscriptions gives access to every level and year group. Your child can work at their ability level without worrying about year group levels. They can progress entirely at their own pace.  The certificates are useful to keep for your records too.

ConquerComputing has been completely revised and we have a great offer for full time Home Educators. Please see below for how to get the code.

ConquerComputing includes all aspects of computing not just programming, and these are aligned to the National Curriculum.

Ideal for Home Educating families, children can explore and develop their skills with a range of creative, colourful activities, including coding, Scratch, graphic design, internet safety, word processing, Logo, spreadsheets, robotics, and associated maths concepts.

ConquerMaths-Computing Bundle Discount