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Brilliant makes learning effectively fun and engaging. Interactive learning has been shown to be 6x more effective than passive learning, and Brilliant’s hands-on methodology is the best way to master concepts in maths, science, and computer science.

For ages 10 to 110

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For all ability and knowledge levels

No matter your interests or experience level, Brilliant has something for you, with thousands of lessons on everything from foundational maths to physics to calculus and beyond—all designed to help you learn at your own pace.

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Maths and Science so fun you’ll want to do it

With Brilliant, instead of just memorizing material, you’ll learn STEM topics intuitively with fun, story-driven lessons. Practice with real-world examples to train your critical-thinking and creative problem–solving skills. If you get stuck, don’t worry: every problem comes with an explanation that takes you step by step through the solution.

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Get started as a beginner with the fundamentals, or dive right into the intermediate and advanced courses for professionals. Brilliant is for ambitious and curious people ages 10 to 110.

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Learn to think like a mathematician scientist physicist data analyst statistician mechanical engineer

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Master, don’t memorize

Forget everything you memorized, and learn how STEM actually works. Build a complete understanding from the bottom up.

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Solve problems

Get instant feedback and improve rapidly. Research shows that problem solving is more effective than watching lectures.

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Build STEM intuition

See STEM in a new way with one-of-a-kind interactive visualizations and intuitive explanations.

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Some struggle required

The path to excellence is simple, but not easy. Anyone can succeed in STEM, but some struggle is required.

Effective math and science learning…



The greatest challenges to education are disinterest and apathy.

Cultivates Curiosity

Questions and storytelling that cultivate natural curiosity are better than the threat of a test.

Is Active

Effective learning is active, not passive. Watching a video is not enough.

Is Applicable

Use it or lose it: it is essential to apply what you’re learning as you learn it.

Is Community Driven

A community that challenges and inspires you is invaluable.

Doesn’t Discriminate

Your age, country, and gender don’t determine what you are capable of learning.

Allows for Failure

The best learners allow themselves to make many mistakes along their journey.

Sparks Questions

The culmination of a great education isn’t knowing all the answers — it’s knowing what to ask.