Brilliant Brainz Magazine

Brilliant Brainz is offering a 10% discount  for a Brilliant Brainz monthly printed magazine for 6 to 12 year olds when you subscribe to the 12 month offer. 

As we all know, being able to focus on what you are really passionate about is key to enjoying education. Brilliant Brainz ensures that across the wide range of subjects the magazine covers, from philosophy, to science, to music, to tech, that your child will find something that truly excites them!

To get the discount:

  1. Click HERE to go to the Brilliant Brainz website (opens in new window)
  2. Select the 12 Month Subscription
  3. Enter discount code AWECLUB in the Coupon Code box on the order page

C, Faringdon, United Kingdom:

“As a parent (and home educator) I’m really pleased with the educational content which is presented in a fun and engaging way as well as the lack of adverts. Very different from other kids’ magazines, well done Brilliant Brainz we look forward to reading more.”