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Brilliant Brainz is offering a 10% discount  for a Brilliant Brainz monthly printed magazine for 6 to 12 year olds – Now includes the monthly offer!

As we all know, being able to focus on what you are really passionate about is key to enjoying education. Brilliant Brainz ensures that across the wide range of subjects the magazine covers, from philosophy, to science, to music, to tech, that your child will find something that truly excites them!

Brilliant Brainz Magazine

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Brilliant Brainz Magazine

C, Faringdon, United Kingdom:

“As a parent (and home educator) I’m really pleased with the educational content which is presented in a fun and engaging way as well as the lack of adverts. Very different from other kids’ magazines, well done Brilliant Brainz we look forward to reading more.”

Brilliant Brainz

Brilliant Brainz the magazine that gets those brain cells buzzing!

Brilliant Brainz is a monthly print magazine for 6 to 12 year olds. It is packed full of creative, colourful, inspiring and educational activities and quizzes.

Brilliant Brainz was started by Eleanor Cole, a music graduate and teacher who has worked in the publishing industry. Believing that the current emphasis on literacy and numeracy in primary schools means that subjects like art, music, food and nutrition, philosophy, wellbeing and health are sadly marginalised, and frustrated by the magazines that were available to her two children, a girl and a boy, she was inspired to produce a magazine that is gender-neutral, advert and plastic free and – perhaps most importantly – full of high quality content.

Brilliant Brainz is written by a great team of writers – educators and experts in their field – who are committed to inspiring children about their subject. These subjects can help a child develop their creative thinking skills, bring huge benefits to their learning abilities and provide a broad and well-rounded education.

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